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Homework/Grading Policy 


Sand Ridge Elementary
  5th Grade
Homework & Grading Policies

Homework Policy

Students will be assigned homework Monday – Thursday of each week.  It will consist of reading, word study, and/or math related activities.  Science and social studies projects may be assigned periodically throughout the quarter.   

Homework, in general, should take no more than 40-50 minutes to complete.   Regular homework is intended to be done independently by the student.    Projects may require some parent guidance.

Your student will use the agenda in his/her binder to record assignments.  

*Regular homework is not graded.  However, students will be held responsible for any missing work.  Projects will be graded.*


Graded Work Policy

All grades are   equally weighted. Students are always expected to perform their best during   school. Students will be assessed on a daily basis in a variety of capacities. This will include, but is not limited to, tests, quizzes, projects, and frequent checks for understanding. There are three primary forms of assessment we will be using:

1) Formative –   Not counted towards quarter grades, but used to check for understanding on a   daily basis.

2) Summative –   Graded and counted towards final quarter grades. This includes tests, quizzes, projects, and worksheets.

3) Diagnostic –   Not graded, but used to assess students’ initial knowledge of concepts and   guide further instruction.



Onslow County Grading Scale


A=Excellent (90-100)                B=Above Average (80-89)     C=Average (70-79)


D=Below Average (60-69)      F=Unsatisfactory (below 59)


Report cards are issued each 9-week grading period.  Progress reports are sent home in the middle of each nine week period.




If you have internet access, check the Sand Ridge website.  It has information on the school and you can email me from there.  The web address is