Important and Helpful Things Sand Ridge Parents/Guardians Should Know
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Wednesday, February 01, 2012
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Important and Helpful Things

Sand Ridge Parents/Guardians Should Know


·        If your child is absent from school, you need to send in a note explaining why they were not in school. It is important that you or your child bring in the note to the school the day after the absence.

·        If you call the school to let us know your child will not be in school, you will still need to send in a note on the day your child returns.

·        All changes to the “normal” method of transportation to home need to be in writing. We are unable to accept routine changes to transportation over the phone.

·        If you are dropping off your child in the morning and our staff is not outside to greet your child, please come inside and sign them in. Please do not send your child into the building on their own; they are late and should be escorted into the school building by the parent or guardian.

·        If you are changing your residence/address or your phone number during the school year, please let us know in writing at least 5 days in advance if possible.

·        If you are moving out of our school’s district and intend to withdraw your child, please give us at least 5 days notice. We need this time to make sure all records and testing is complete so your child’s new school is not waiting longer than necessary for their records.

·        Write your child’s name on their lunch box, back pack, jackets, etc. If it has a name on it, you are more likely to get it back when it becomes lost.

·        Your child will be outside for physical activity time. Please send your child to school dressed appropriately for the weather.

·        If you wish to visit your child’s classroom during instructional time you will need to make sure the teacher knows you are coming and is able to receive you without distracting from all students’ instructional time. During normal school hours, our teachers are directly engaged with students. If you call during class time instruction, we will be happy to take a message and place it in the teacher’s box, but we will not routinely interrupt class instruction. Routine visits are discouraged without an appointment. Visits to the classroom will not be scheduled between 2:45 and 3:30 to allow for proper student dismissal.

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